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Turn your PC to a Media Server over the internet

 Welcome back to our readers !
To day we will turn the PC to a server thru the internet to share with your friend all your files (music , movie,picture) easyly and securly using Opera Unite


Do you think that turning your computer into a special server to share files, photos, and your music from your own computer, and make all of these files that you have available to others on the web difficult and hard  to implement.
Have you ever feel the need to show your friend a picture or let him listen to a music or even show him a video file without thinkning about the time that you will spend to upload the file to a server and then send him a link.
It is possible that your friend does not know much about downloading files from sites uploaded that you use, being forced to explain the steps to download from the site uploaded to your friend, which takes too much time, and all that to see one picture or hear an audio file.
This problem is now gone with this wonderful solution made by the Browser Opera 
Opera Unit can turn your Pc to a server over  the Internet  without any cost, share your files, your music, and also set up your own photo album and publish it on the Internet in minutes.

About Opera Unit

Opera Unit is an integrated service programs built   in the famous browser Opera. This unit  provide ability to share  files, audio, pictures, ..... Etc over the Internet . All  is done through the browser and  the user should  just register for free and create an account.

Requirements Opera Unite

  1. You must have Opera browser already installed on your computer.Download the latest version of the browser through the official site.
  2. You must have an account on Opera . The account is simple and free and will be explained more throw this tutorial.
  3. Don't worry for your files nothing will be availble  only if your computer is connected to the Internet and the Opera browser is open.
Create an account to use Opera Unite 

What provides me Opera Unit

Opera Unite provides you with a lot of potential in the field of participation on the Internet, and most importantly to share files, share audio, photo sharing, instant messaging, publishing Web pages

 But in our tutorial we will not the properties,chatting and publishing web pages, because the service instant messaging is still troubled so far and contain many deficiencies and many errors and problems so  we will be back when  the service will be better, and also publishing service web pages I do not think that this service is a suitable alternative to hosting companies because the only server for the site will output from your computer, without a doubt many times less efficient than servers hosting companies.

So we will explain (file-sharing File Sharing) and (post observations Fridge) and (Post Audio Media Player) and (photo sharing Photo Sharing)

 But before we begin the  explanation create folders names, the following [File Sharing ,Photo Sharing ,Media Sharing], because we will use these folders in the commentary, note that the names of folders and their location is not a requirement to be like the picture, but should preferably be so easier for you to understand the explanation.
Explanation file-sharing 

you can share with others your files in your computer, whether executable files along the exe or zip files rar, zip, or otherwise, and most wonderful thing in that the lifting process and participation does not take you a little time, I do not mean little minutes, but seconds only, because the process Uploaded depends on the process of copying and pasting from a folder to a folder on your computer to participate!! To find out, he image.

Explanation of Fridge

Fridge is a nice tool to tell your friend that your are busy now and let them wait until you come back.
it's like a note for informations.

Explanation of Media Player 

Here do not say just a page to share audio files, but a page that contains audio player and share audio files as well, and know that continued the following images.
to start click right and then click start(the same step as the file share part)

Explanation of Share Picture

The share picture tool allow you to share picture with your friend easily.
to start click right then click start and follow these step .

Stop  Opera Unite

In case you're still browsing on Opera, wanted to stop the work of Opera Unite you only operate as in the following images (To stop Opera unit is very easy just :click stop ).

Here, I have finished the explanation ... I hope that you find it usueful.
Waiting for your comment.and we will be back for a new tutorial very very soon.

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