Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Best TV Channels Online Software TVuPlayer V 2

Today we will look to a new program of watching TV channels on the Internet for free.
The software is named TVuPlayer.


TVUPlayer offers different view of international TV channels on your computer. You'll find news channels, sports, children, etc.. Simply double-click the channel you want (the country and / or theme of the chain are indicated) and the connection is established.
TVUPlayer offer the TV streaming . They can provide 2500+ programs for you to choose from, but there is no guarantee that all of them will work and that you will have something interesting to see.
It is a freeware released by TVU networks. The version we are testing is the newest beta and it already provides the necessary stream stability the users need

1 - update its database on an ongoing basis and contains a very large base
2 - Join the possibility of direct channel while watching
3 - View encrypted channels such as Orbit Show time
4 - easy to use and compatible with all systems.


First you need to download the software here .
just follow the steps on the pictures.


 So , this was what i'm looking for today .I hope you find this topic useful .

Any question or comment will be with pleasure !


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  2. Thanks for your comment ! i will do my best